31 December 2009


akhir tahun mcm ni laa.. sume dgn azam baru.. ade gak yg malas bebenor nak berazam. kononnye klu ade azam nih tak buat pon. salah sebenarnye pemikiran tuh. korang penah bace or tengok 'Secrets' tak? about the law hape tah tu. kan dalam Islam kita percaya pd Tuhan yang satu. kalau kita betul2 nak, sebenarnya kita boleh dapat. cuma lambat atau cepat je benda tu datang kat kita. yang pasti, Insyaallah dapat. tulaa kalau boleh jangan la doakan yang buruk2. even bnde tu cm terlintas sekejap je pon, sentiasa la berfikiran positif. tapi jangan ingat benda nih cam magik lak. sume tu datang dengan usaha. lepas tu kita berdoa. barula kemudian kita tawakkal. kalau x dapat juga, mest ade sebab musabab DIA tentukan begitu. so jangan la kita cepat putus asa ye?

- cam motivator mne lak nih. tadi dapat tengok Avatar. ingtkan tak best sbb pelik tgk org2 biru kan. tapi lps tgk 'Making of..' nye barula berkobar2 nak pi tgk. ade kaitan pon dgn course ktorg. haha. neway, just wanted to wish fellow bloggers :

stay positive
and be healthy~

28 December 2009

A 'little' something

The Mayonnaise Jar~

When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the coffee...

A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him.
When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls.
He then asked the students if the jar was full.
They agreed that it was.

The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar.
He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls.
He then asked the students again if the jar was full.
They agreed it was.

The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar.
Of course, the sand filled up everything else.
He asked once more if the jar was full.
The students responded with a unanimous "yes."

The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively filling the empty space between the sand.
The students laughed.

"Now," said the professor, as the laughter subsided, "I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life."

The golf balls are the important things - are your God, family, your children, your health, your friends, and your favorite passions...
- things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.

The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house, and your car.

The sand is everything else-the small stuff.

"If you put the sand into the jar first," he continued, "there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important to you.

Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness.
Play with your children.
Take time to get medical checkups.
Take your partner out to dinner.
Play another 18 holes.
There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal.
Take care of the golf balls first, the things that really matter.
Set your priorities.
The rest is just sand.

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented.
The professor smiled. "I'm glad you asked.
It just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a couple cups of coffee with a friend."

Please share this with someone you care about. I JUST DID. :)


25 December 2009

25/12 = Xmas and ...

not that i'm celebrating it. haha. it's YANA's birthday today. because i'm kinda bored while waiting for my FO download to finish, i might as well update something here.

dear YANA,
you're twenty now,
so welcome to the club ^^
don't think of it like we're old
think of it like we're maturing ourselves.
20 is of course never too old.
it may be the turning point of your life
even tho some insist on 21.
that's for next year anyway.
and by this i end,
hApPy 20th my friend.
may ALLAH bless u till the end. :D

p/s: i didn't intend it to become a poem. owh well.

p/s 2: jgn la kawan2ku yg lain terase coz aku sayang korg same rata ^^ -payce.


20 December 2009

The rank as promised.. ^^

Firstly, I ranked it according to who I took the liking first(and stayed with it) till my recent crush. haha.. anyway, here goes :

1. Micky Yoochun of TVXQ!

Why : Simply because he's cute. hehe.. He's talented coz he compose/write songs and he practically improved his singing skill A LOT! He used to take the rapping role alongside Yunho but he proved that he really can sing beautifully(e.g Love in the ice, Proud to name a few). Actually, Changmin was my first 'sight' lover coz he looks somewhat similar to Jerry Yan in Rising Sun MV. Yoochun was underrated but when I get to 'know' them via funny clips or whatnot at YT, he really grew on me.

2. Kim Heechul of Superjunior

Why : The reason is somewhat twisted. Why him of all 13 members of Suju? I don't really like him because he was 'pretty' but I love his character. He says whats on his mind, witty remarks.. he's just.. I dunno. haha. He's just a lovable dork. Well people can argue bout his singing but he can really act with that pokerface of his.

3. Andy Lee of Shinhwa
Why : Can't really remember how I got hooked up with Shinhwa but their interviews were hilarious. I like Andy-Eric pair. They both match each other well. Because of him I watched We Got Married. Ahn-seobang~ hehe..

4. Kim Hyunjoong of SS501
 Why : I liked him even before he was famous with his Jihoo character in BOF. I wasn't interested with his group coz their songs are not quite my taste. Only their Deja vu song seems to stick. He has a 4D personality. He's the next couple watched after Ahn-Solbi. He was like a bit 'dead' in BOF but in FO, he came back to his senses. LOL. Some might not know what I'm crapping about right now. huhu..

5.  Big Bang - Daesung, TOP, GD

 Why : Face-wise I like TOP. Sense of humor = Daesung. Talent n personality-wise = GD. anyway they are tied. hehe.

6. Lee Junki

 Why : I don't like him at all in My Girl. but one day I watched the movie(that got his name famous) - The King and The Clown, I had took the liking in his acting at once. After watching Iljimae and some of his fanmeeting clips, this guy is talented yo! haha.. He can actually dance, sing and of course he can definitely act. He's a talented cutie not to be missed. XD

7. Choi Jonghun of FT Island

Why : I got interested with this group because of Hongki when he was a guest in FO. After watching some of the videos related, I simply concluded that I fell for Jonghun the underrated leader. hehe.. love his smile and dorkiness.

8. RAIN aka Jung Jihoon
Why : It took the 2nd time of watching Fullhouse when I had a crush on him. haha.. weird. well it's hard not to like him when all the groups I like look up to him. Anyway, I like most of his songs in Rainism. Love Story especially.

9. Park Jaebom(Jay Park) 
 Why : Interested with 2PM coz of Junho - he's like RAIN's long lost lil brother. After Idol Army and Wild Bunny and some other things, no doubt he's the member I like the most coz of his fail-korean, smile and personality. His unfortunate event saddens many who love him. T,T dorawa~

10. Lee Joon of MBLAQ
 Why : When it was known that Rain will produce a 5-member group, I just watched their first MV naturally. Mir resembles Hongki but it was Joon who got me interested to know more about this group. That attractive smile of his. Although on stage he looks charismatic but he stammers when he's over-excited. He got a deep voice and can sing and dance well. I heart his acting in NA~ hehe..

I'm a music-lover and loves korean variety so that's why most of them on the list are singers. This is only my opinion and got nothing to do with anybody else.

BTW, my typical type of boys I like in reality are nothing close to the ones above. I dunno why but I tend to like those darker than me with an attractive smile and a personality that compliments me well. Just had to say this coz I dont want people to put their hopes high for no reason. -payce.

credit pics : as tagged, 2pm-online, abm, google.


19 December 2009

sorg2 kebuntuan..

lepas post pasal NA trus x update lagi. miahne!~ ^^;
senanye nak cte psl percutian di Pahang minggu lepas.
tapi asl bukak blog je x mood. nk edit gmbr pon malas
satu je gmbr kat Tmn Negara diupload kat FB ku.. huhu..

malas alasan utama la x update tapi, wpon aku de bnyk bnde yg nak diluahkan kat sini, sume nye x kesampaian. manusia macam2 ragam. tu jela kot kesimpulan yg aku dapat wat bile pening dengan sikap n personaliti sesetengah manusia yg aku kenal atau yg x kenal.

famili ke Bukit Tinggi tuk 3 hari. aku x ikut. malas juga menjadi alasan. skang tinggal umah sorg2. tapi time malam, Mizah ade temankan tdo malam la. coz my dad doesnt trust me alone at home. klu siang takpe. hurmm.. tuk mengubati rase bosan, ku melayari YT and beberape bnde wajib yg aku slalu buka. spe tau tu faham2 la obsesi aku tang mane. hua3. k la.. ti klu ade hati n prasaan n stil rse bosan xtau nk wat pe... i'll update on 10 Korean Guys I Really Like and Why. hehe.. nih mas la nih nye keje.. hua3. kidarihaejuseyo~ :D


07 December 2009


ye aku tau la lain orang lain halnye
tapi bile kata x suka
tp masih wat gak, cmne?
wat ape? ha ni yang nak dikesahkan sket...

korg dlu penah tak kene ejek time kecik2 dlu?
mesti rse rendah diri tak?
rse cm marah, sedih, bingung, bengang, sakit ati
time kecik, bdk2 mengejek.. salah mak bapak ke?
salah cekgu mendidik ke?
atau sebenarnye semua terpulang pada individu masing2, ya tak?
nak kate ape ek kat orang2 cmni?
ade aku bace kat buku nih
die cakap i mean tertulis disitu..
orang yang suka menghina and mengejek orang lain ade self-inferiority complex. (sori klu silap eja)
maksudnye die ejek orang len tu atas 'mekanisme bela diri' la?
for what? berbaloi ke? rase puas hati sangat ke hah? tenteram hidup kau?
paling teruk aku pon, aku cakap kat adek beradek sendiri and ade masenye kne la sedar..
tengokla gak kan mood time tuh.. bkn spanjang mase..
jarang or x pernah aku nak ejek orang yg aku x knal or kawan secare berlebih2an

tak ingat ke kita semua melalui roda kehidupan?
kalau dah namenye roda, mestila berpusing kan?
satu hari ko wat orang gitu gini,
kene kat ko balik, jangan pulak time uh nak salahkan TUHAN
nak salahkan orang keliling. cerminlah diri tu sket.
bukan dalam erti kate nak tgk cermin skadar
nak pastikan diri dan penampilan tu kemas&cantik
tapi keperibadian tu sendiri.. kan?
sendiri mau ingat la kalau ko ade wat bende baik ke buruk ke
kalau tak ingat tu amnesia la namenye tuh.

p/s: di atas adalah pengajaran n peringatan pada diriku dan semua. maaf kalau tulisan hati di atas melukakan hati sape2. ia tak bermaksud dengan tujuan itu. sekian terima kasih.


06 December 2009


semalam majlis nikah and kenduri kawen kazen ku. ia telah memberi pengertian baru dalam hubungan kekeluargaan. cukuplah sekadar kami saje yang tau ape yang dah berlaku. yang penting, jangan la kite mengabaikan dan pentingkan diri masing2. baik kawan2 or sedara-mara kite. semoga hal itu kita jadikan iktibar, pengajaran and teladan. tolong menolong ringankan tulang ikhlaskan hati usah pentingkan diri. -payce-

p/s: owh NA.. bilakah aku dapat melihat mu~~~ T,T


21 November 2009

weird la..

aku prasan cm blogspot tgh bengong jek skang nih.. apsal post yg aku bru update cm x kua2 pon kat list ke ape ke.. cm aku x update seminggu lebih jek.. pd hal ade je post bru.. hmmph..

neway, nanti aku balik umah(iaitu esok) aku update spanjang 4 ari 3 malam kat *ehem* seberang Malaysia nih XD

nantikan pic aku kay~~ tpi tak banyak gmbr aku la.. gmbr org len jek coz xde org nk amek gmbr aku lawa2(YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL~ NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY~).. hurmm.. takpela.. aku amek gmbr org lain lawa pon aku puas hati ^^ lg best kalau aku amek pki dslr.. hohoho.. berangan2.. it's ok.. angan2 yg boleh dicapai bole dipikirkan drp angan2 yg melampau2.. haha..

p/s: aku dah pasang niat, by hook or by crook aku nak gak gi KOREA~~~~.........insyaallah. XD

p/s 2: bergune gak ade celcom broadband. ngee~


18 November 2009


Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
Love the people who treat you right.
Forget about the ones who don't.
Believe everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said life would be easy.
They just promised it would be worth it.

I can't really remember where I got this from. I was checking my draft post and found this. It was around May and there was something that happened that made me wanted to post it before but I can't. Let's say it's right for me to post it at this time of the day. -payce (^^)v


14 November 2009


thanks to mizah, i got to watch 2012. didnt really anticipated it that much. coz i thot it was just another typical "the end of days" story. but this one is refreshing i guess. yeah i cried a lil. well it's a touching story besides the 3D animation. owh wait. maybe u guys will think this is not an animation but it is actually. learning 3Dmax help me to understand about textures, mapping etc. and its great to know that a Malaysian is actually part of the ermm easy to say, the crack, earthquake,erupting lavas thingy. one very intense movie that one is. hehe.

yeah i havent been 'writing' this blog properly coz of my final projects for this sem. been covering my sleep after exam to get back to my normal mode, not my stress mode. one heck of a sem.

*gaduh dgn org mmg x baik but this guy, even tho he's beyond ur imagination of who he is, i cant really forgive him tho. i can only talk to him 'professionally' but other than that, i prefer to take him as if he doesnt exist. who told him to start the fire huh? im not being childish. im just rationalizing. unlike him.


08 November 2009


i HATE perverts. and people acting like one for that matter.



Semakin tinggi ego kita, semakin rendah orang akan pandang.
Semakin rendah diri kita, semakin tinggi orang pandang diri kita.

-Ustaz Mohd Zawawi


27 September 2009

raya quickie~

phew~ it has been a week. so busy meh.. i'll update on pictures and stuff when i have the time. "so much to do so much to see, so what's wrong with taking the back seat..." oops terlajak lagu shrek plak.. k la nk sambung assignment plywood plus sketches wat malam aa kang husna kacau.. till then guys~


18 September 2009


just wanted to wish fellow friends and anyone reading this blog a very Happy Eid Mubarak~

salah dan silap harap dimaafi.. ^^


16 September 2009

mood UP

semalam setelah puas berperang dengan perasaan sendiri and tah bape kali air mata mengalir, barula mood ok sket arini after tgk cte UP. kalau boleh memang la nak lupakan tapi benda yang lepas tu bukankah boleh dijadikan teladan?(excuse my skematic sentence)

kadang2 orang akn tanya ape prinsip idup kita kan? dlu aku pon tak pasti. tapi sekarang aku sedar prinsip tu semacam sesuatu yang kita 'pegang' untuk mengharungi/melalui kehidupan nih (aigoo please deh. aku pon nk termuntah skema2 gini)

1. sebab dulu aku nih nakal la gak n selalu get into trouble(bkn yg major la stil tahap minor), aku sekarang pikir due kali kalau nak 'gurau' dengan orang. tu sebab aku x tahan guraun extreme yang melibatkan hati and perasaan aku. plus my dignity and all.

2. i believe what comes around goes around. buat baik memang dibalas baik walaupon bukan on the spot but u can feel it. buat jahat tu jangan cakap la.. sedar tak sedar semua ape pon yg kite buat akan di balas. aku sedar tu.

3. about some misunderstandings, people's first impression on me is "shy", "quiet", "alim" etc. but i knew some got a shocked on how my personality really doesnt look like what they seem to be. but after knowing me for quite some time, i know u guys can finally or at least know 90% about me. where did the other 10% go? that my friend, i'm still searching for that little part in me. ;)

~~~ gah smbg nanti la.. nak abeskan download idol army then nk layan movie sket then TIDO!~~ kekeke



07 September 2009

sharing tu memang la caring.. xleh kedekut2 ^^

*copy-paste from kin-kin ^^

Salam Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is good to read.

(PS: I'm not so sure whether these are Sahih HAdith or not, but the messages are pure.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) Said:

1) Four things that make your body sick:-

a)Excessive talking

b)Excessive sleeping

c)Excessive eating and

d)Excessive meeting/outing with people

2) Four things that destroys the body:-


b)Sorrow (Sadness/Grief)


d)Sleeping late at night

3) Four things that make the face looking dull and haggard:-


b)Being disrespectful/ impudent (knowingly)

c) Baseless arguements

d)Excessive immorality (committing sins without fear)

4) Four things that make the face glow and shine:-

a) Piety

b) Loyalty

c) Generosity and kindness

d)Helpful to others without being asked

5) Four things make the Rizqi (Sustenance) stop:-

a) Sleeping till late in the morning (from Fajr to sunrise)

b) Not Performing Fardhu or Irregular in Prayers

c) Laziness/Idleness

d) Treachery/Dishonest y

6) Four things that bring/increase the Rizqi:-

a) Staying up in the night in prayers

b) Excessive Repentance

c) Regular Charity

d) Zikr (Remembrance of Allah)

The Holy Prophet (SAW), also said to communicate to others even if it is just One Verse (Ayaah), for this one verse will stand out on the Day of Judgment for intercession.
Allah Hu Alam.
The Holy Prophet (SAW) said,
" Stop doing everything during the Azaan, even if you are reading the Quran.

The person who talks during the Azaan will not be able to say the Kalima E Shahada on his/her death bed".
............ .so be careful, do not to make this mistake!!!
Please pass this message to all Muslims...
Allahumma- inni- ala- Zikr-ika -wa Shuk-rika wa husni-Ibaadatik. ...Ameen.
A very powerful Du'a has been sent to you.
Imagine 1000 persons read it
just because of you......... ......... Jazakallah.
ONLY you will seek goodness from
Allah SWT.


04 September 2009

lovely award~

rules are like the usual but for those who are new to this ; you're supposed to "save picture as" the award above and upload it at ur blog and answer the following questions.. ^^
thanx so much for the award given by dearest fatin aka hystrix.. hehe..

Nicknames given by your friends
taiko la yg paling lari dari nme asal ku.. hehe.. len2 org skang pnggil rai jek. xpon rehan. sbb mls bebenor nak sebut  RAI-han.. huhu..

Do you love your friends?
i DO i DO.. i love my friends who's not selfish. being there at times needed. at good and bad times. love u guys for caring, remembering me and just for knowing me and being my friend ^_^ yeah i know at times we bicker and fight over stupid things.. but after we got over it.... it's just great. i mean.. that's what friendship is all about right? *wink2*

What do you and your friends know about yourself?
that my name is only Raihan. no double name, no first, middle or last name. just Raihan. hehe..

Now what do you know about yourself,that your friends don't?
  • So now they'll know. Ok,here it is. What I know about myself,that my friends don't,is that 'I want my close friends to know me in and out so that there'll be nothing that they don't.' (Which shows that they care..agree? And that's a challenge only true friends are up to,I don't simply let 'em know...) I'm done
  • atas ni jwpn fatin. and i sO totally agree with it. bole tak kongsi jwpn? hehe..
What song best describe you

  • ntah.. mcm ade tp skang tak dapat kenalpasti lagu itu.. huhu..In the End by LP..?huhu
Six friends to give this award to
- teeka
-mama linda
-bloggers lain yg tak busy.. huhu.. tak cukup senarai la plak.. sory2 ^^;;

p/s: to fatin; kay dah wat tag2 yg tertangguh.. thx for tagging ^^ sometimes people get to kno each other more by tag.. right? XD

F4..?? the TAG four.. haha

  • raihan
  • rehan
  • rai
  • an .. + taiko dak abim panggil.. hehe..
  • 8 march
  • parents bday
  • siblings befday
  • dearest frens' bday
  • ber-youtube
  • download wild bunny (2pm stuff)
  • ber-facebook
  • blogwalking
  • tengok korean variety kat yt
  • dgr lagu baru yg best skali dgn lagu lame yg bw kenangan
  • kacau adek
  • gelak2 dgn member2

  • azira supaad
  • farihin
  • nurul UK
  • raihan mase kecik........
  • recent high tech gadget esp. handphone or laptop
  • kaseh sayang.. hua3
  • kenangan
  • anything i'll appreciate.. nak ckp.. the thoughts count pon xpe.. huhu
  • youtubing
  • reading..havent done this in a while
  • kacau adek
  • blogging..?
  • Jeju Island
  • Seoul
  • Pulau Tioman
  • Pulau Redang
  • Fresh Orange
  • Ribena
  • Watermelon juice
  • teh o/teh o limau
  • my sez710i
  • purse
  • lip gloss
  • handkerchief/tissues.. allergy problems..
  • BLUE
  • black
  • White
  • purple
  • studio ind 2
  • kwsn dpn kedai seni kat fakulti
  • bilik tamu(mls dok bilik sdri coz ade adek)
  • mane2 je
  • Mak
  • Abah
  • My relatives
  • dearest frens
  • hand-me-down laptop from my bro
  • my sez710i.. sbb gune duit gaji sdri
  • my photo album(yg traditional nye.. not the digital)
  • my past given stuff from my frens.....^^
  • Alin~ welcome to the blog world..hehe..
  • mama linda.. XD
  • nurateeka rasid.. ko wat la after midterm.. tu pon klu ko nk.. ^^
  • adah.. lame x men tag dgn kamu~~

03 September 2009

ngee hehe.. happy mood~

waah.. long time x tulih pepanjang.. kali ni nak citer n upload some pics!!

nape aku happy semacam rini?? sebab dah abes assesment 1st projek for IND 3102-studio rekabentuk kreatif 2. wahahaha~ lecturer pilih secara rambang sbb ktorg kne asses slame due ari berturut2 kan.. and aku org FIRST! pergh gementar semacam.. dah la sketches x cukup 40 then kne perli lagi sebab " model dah siap bru wat sketches".. ayat spe la tu ek.. x makan dalam pon coz sume pon buat.. wakaka.. (i'm a strong girl XP) lepas bace bismillah and msk tmpt asses uh.. trus present bla3.. lps response cam baik barulah tarik nafas lega.. tp of course la x semua perfect.. aku x penah kate aku perfect.. slalu yg aku buat nmpk baik di mata org tapi aku sendiri tau aku leh buat yg LAGI BAIK dari tu.. the lecturers gave a whole lot of GOOD advice.. not the critisizing-merendahkan-self-esteem nye type of advice. (panjang lak nk describe) yeah hati aku senang.. selepas nih harus buat yg lebih BAIK dari yang ni  ^^

Project theme : design refinement
Project title : housekeeping and cleaning products; window cleaning tool

gmbr atas uh model nye.. bawah tu plak panel prsentation aku.. banyak kurang snanye tp.. ntah.. keje last minit.. keke..
and tuk tambahan.. ni 3D model transformer aku.. 
model nye dah hancus
xde hati nak amek gmbr..
layan jela yang ni kay guyz? ^^


27 August 2009


One day, a little girl followed her mum to the bank. While the mother was busy using the ATM machine, the little girl playfully 'kacau2' her mother. When the money came out of the teller, the little girl said in awe, " waaah.. mak dapat duit percuma..".

- kisah Husna dengan Mak. :)


25 August 2009

the 50th post

yesterday's assesment.. sucks. my model was horrible. although i manage to do the technical drawing and panel beforehand.. but the model was a COMPLETE disaster.. haish..

wat 3D model nye mmg la cm kiut la apela.. tp sbb kesuntukan waktu.. model tu x dpt disiapkan scr sempurna.. mne taknye.. aku dok asah small parts pon dh berejam.. pakai manual la katakan.. yg mesin nye kat studio dak2 nih pinjam.. tp aku wat keje ngan member len kat hostel.. hurmm.. tp dh ade 1 je bnde nye.. percuma saje klu aku tgu mesin yg satu tu..

dh la time ases cm hampeh jerk.. dunno what to say lor.. awl2 rse cm nk nanges tapi sbb penat tu menguasai diri.. x larat dh nk kua tenage nk nages.. wat bodo sudey.. ari khamis nih ade lg.. bru wat model 40%, report 80%, technical and panel 0%.......

Hi5 Emoticon

segarkan la aku balik.. huhu..


20 August 2009

a quickie..

today is the last day for my bro.. he's heading back to US now.. adeke patut sblm nk gi tu, pagi dlm kul 4(aku x tdo smpi subuh sbb wat solidwork.. huhu) die gi bg sebungkus beg plastik hitam yg ade keychain?? org patut nye bg souvenier time after die menjejak kaki kat Malaysia kan.. papejela.. sume yg die beli bentuk lelain.. sbb die bg kat aku dlu.. jdik dpt la pilih 1st.. ehehe. rambang mata lak coz sume cmbest.. last2 pilih yg bentuk teddy bear.. sbb comey.. ^^ ooh i forgot to thank you.. kamsahamnida dear bro~

by the way,

reason x update:

assesment 1st ari isnin nih!!!! tpi model xsiap2 lagi.. nmpknye kne wat panel n tech drawing dlu la.. adeiyh.. ni sume gara2 kelas td.. tah nape encik tu x bagi ktorg wat keje tuk model org len.. pada hal ktorg nk kejar bengkel kot.. dh la bukak(bengkelnye) lambat tp tutup nk awl.. saiko betulla............ huhu...


09 August 2009


Now that i am actually reading a textbook on Psychology, i really wonder about some things. about Nature & Nuture. about the brain, people's characteristic, pseudo-psychology and other things related with human psychology. before this, i was thinking like someone who never learned about psychology. all those guessing about what they think, what he thinks, what she thinks and to say that i can get most of it accurate is not actually a miracle. mine was based on experience.

anyway, to cap it all off.. im having a Psychology test tomorrow. enough said.

p/s: to tekah ; astrology is pseudo-psychology. huahuahua...


04 August 2009

It has been...

a lousy hols. i didnt enjoy it so much and to cap it all off, the whole load of work that needed to be done. this is why i hate people pestering me about my end of semester's break. coz thats the ONLY three months i can enjoy my peace. huh.


01 August 2009


paperwork ade tapi x start lg..
jap gi aku wat..
nek ats nk amek buku Principles of Marketing
tp sbb abg bkk laptop
n laptop die je leh men tenet
n die pon xde disekitar laptop nye
maka nye aku pon men la.. kejap hehe ^^;;

tp aku on pon nk kne cek
lms uh (ade quiz 4!!) huhu..
n mgm nye kelas maya pon kne tgk gak
klu x tgk abes la ketinggalan..
kdg2 x suke gak
tp klu facebook rajen bkk..
takkan due tu pon xleh nk cek kn?
well demi nk belajar............

ah psl tajuk blog nih
due ari lpas aku tgk The Proposal
Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock nye lakonan

one word : BEST!

tapi spe x suke romantic comedy
x yah la tgk n duk kutuk2 nye after tht
dh ckp pon jenis cte uh..

ermm lps case study report
nk smbg bikin sketches
yg sudah bikin idup ku haru

btw, rupenye cm router wifi ni yg prob. tp cm pelik je cmne ia leh rosak.. ntahler..


28 July 2009


akhirnye cuti gak upm sbb h1n1. bkn aku teringin ponn coz keje banyak. harap sangat la die tunda assesment. huhu..

khamis nih nk gi jmpe ex-classmates of mine. x pasti lagi gi alamanda or mid.. hurmm.. ak bknnye sehat sgt pon. tapi akn diusahakan.

p/s: yg kinah nih.. bile la kte nk ketemu.. aritu terjumpe scr kebetulan je kat petronas.


19 July 2009


i did it again.
im not focusing hard enuff
to do my sketches on time.
with little time i had
plus the absurd quantity of sketches
with colours???

dah la melukis bukan dr baka
tapi betulla kan practice makes perfect
but even kalau practice ponn..
amek mase gak kan??

i just cant satisfy EVERYONE
now can i?
why cant i just be
satisfying myself then?
because i know i cant.
things are not always enuf
but im learning to appreciate things more.

is being aggresive the answer then?

p/s: HP6 isnt that great. merely acceptable. it doesnt really exceed expectation


15 July 2009


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince kua kat wayang~~~~

hepi je lebih tapi cam xleh tgk dlm mase terdekat nih je..

sedih balik...



13 July 2009

Oh what a day..

Monday shall always be the busiest day.

class starts at 8am.
i wont be late if i took the bus.
but somehow that's impossible.
because im not living at K16 anymore.
if i drove the car,
i wouldnt be late too.
but my bro's still here.
just gotta live with it then.
until i can finally use it again.
not that i want him to leave quickly.
but the point is,
i got to Psychology class early today.
8.40am. thought it would be late.
the LMS thingy just started.
everything seems a blur.
onlining in class is fun but,
no fun when you had to
hurriedly answer the quiz
in two hours.
we got to on9 in PSAS.
since some of us didnt bring
our precious laptop.
ah then back to studio.
only had 7 sketches but,
i manage to draw the 8th.
no mock up.
i had expected everything
they wanted to say.
i say, 50% is my fault.
owh well..
hope it goes fairly well
next Monday.

Hi5 Emoticon

10 July 2009

sighing too much these days..

1st day of class..
saikologi : the lecturer saiko us all plus the introduction of LMS. still getting a grip of it.
makmal realisasi : agaknye me-realisasikan impian ku kot.. 15 SKETCHES plus 2 MOCK-UP sumthing to do with transformers stuff. haish..

2nd day of class..
CAD : solidworks. excercise. then print. but where the heck should we print it?? aargh. nk suh abg print uh install solidworks gak. huhu..
marketing : she thought we were econ students. then dah 'berkata2' dekat lebih sejam, bru sedar ktorg dak sains gunaan. dipergunekan betul (haha. just jokin' ) pastu kne rajen plak gi kelas maya nk DL notes. sem lps mls nk buat.. huhu..

3rd day..
rendering : blaja lukis 2D. ade improvement dr sem 1. keke.. tp sedih aa ncikAiman dh nak pegi.. suke tgk beliau melukis. wpon beliau slalu lukis keta.
saikologi : erm bwk lptop sbb nk register kat lms.upm.edu.my. website uh cm lg best dr econ nye kelas maya.. tp stil xpaham Dr. nak ktorg submit jwpn katner..

the fourth..
studio kreatif : dh brief psl 1st projek. kne wat 40sketches by the end of it. seb bek en.faiz memahami n sudi nk bg tips sketches, ideations etc. but still... ntahler..
marketing : damn. lmbt gi kelas sbb bas n bkn slh ktorg klu upm ltk jadual uh dekat2. some ppl just dont understand.

ha td naik keta dgn zahin, ade motor nih langgar dr tepi. klu ikut logik n kapla akal.. zahin x bersalah pon coz die ade kat round-a-bout. motor tu aa patut berhenti. sbb bek langgar ala slow motion. xde aa hentakan kuat sgt. klu ikut si ayat, die nk je saman dak tuh.. hua3..

hari kelima..?? tggu jela kul 9 pagi nnt.
(time nih dah lepas kul 12 kan?)

**kesimpulannye.. aku baru lukis sehelai je tuk keje encik razman. ottokeh?? ari isnin ni dh kne bentang bagai. isk2.


04 July 2009

jadual kelas sem 3

sbb syaz suh wat tapi rsenye die x sempat bace kot.. huhu.. kte wat ringkas2 je.. nnt paham2 sendiri kay..

++ R(10-14)(15-17) BK1

++ K(9-12)(14-16)

++ I(11-13)(14-17)

++ S(8-11)(14-18)

++ J(9-12) DWN FRSB

++ S(12-14) K(12) DKEP 18, KUMP.6

++ I(8-10) R(8) BKFEM 4, KUMP.3

*note : seperti biase kte blaja subjek IND kat studio. kali ni studio 2 la coz we have juniors ^^


01 July 2009

Semalam dan Hari Ini..

semalam tengok Transformers dengan Mizah. suppose to be Najat but she cant make it. huhu.. owh well.. dspite the rumors that the story isnt that great.. but i LOVE it! haha.. the audience were kinda dead coz i dont think they can 'read' the sarcasm or jokes the actors(or robots) said. i pity them. but its ok coz i have a partner laughing myself off. and er the couple who sat besidesme. everyone else just didnt burst into laughters like we did. they only laugh if it was a body joke or something. i really like the meaning of the story. and the script was good. ^^

Ooh and ari ni lak nak kua dengan Syaza Syahirah Rahman and Nur Ateeka Rasid. kekeke..

klu ade amek gmbr bagus la. we're just gonna hang out together and borak2 til we have a sore throat. haha. cant wait. kul 1 nih gi dgn tekah n jumpe syaza kat tmpt yg dijanjikan..


28 June 2009

Foreign Language

i've read an article about learning foreign language and although it mostly touches on French, i understand it in another point of view.

i clearly remember the day i wanted to learn Korean, in form 5. i wasnt so serious about it then, than i am now. anyway, as i talked about it, a dear friend of mine kindly pointed out that i couldnt even master my own language, so how am i suppose to learn about others? well ok. she said it sarcastiscally because all knew that my English was much better than my Bahasa. honestly, i got a B4 for that subject. *sigh* not that im complaining so much. it just happen that my sastera wasnt that 'top notch' like hers. *roll my eyes* i didnt even bother to read Bukit Kepong until the SPM was near. pathetic me, no?

but im slowly proving to her, myself and others that i CAN learn other languages. one that i like. yeah yeah you guys know i love it because of my kpop obsession. ermm.. another friend of mine who i secretly envy because that friend studied there, said that S.Korea isnt as good as it seems. its true they have beautiful landscapes among others, but reality can be cruel. it didnt actually put my hopes down. there's nothing wrong learning their languange because 'i love their idols and tv stuff'. it's because im truly interested in it. and nothing else matters.

oh btw, i keep getting behind coz their grammars are kinda hard to learn. huhu.. oh well.. i just have to keep learning all the way then now dont i?^^


22 June 2009


i wanted to let go of something but it happens that the 'thing' i wanted out really just stuck in my head. because when i thought of it, i wasnt anywhere near the laptop and i couldnt type it out fast. owh well.. it seems that my inner rage has probably faded because of some funny stuff i watched on YT. -and cut-


i hate people being prejudice really. especially to me.