26 June 2011

Tarikh Hijriah

ermm sebelum ni masa umur masih belasan tahun (isk2), ade gak cam tertanya2 bila 8 Mac 1989, ape tarikhnya dalan Tahun Hijrah kan.. sekarang baru tau (tu pon lepas mr.LOL yg tanya.. taktau dia nak tau nape.. stil lom dpt jwpn waktu post ni ditaip ;p )

makanya aku lahir pada 27 REJAB 1409. haa siap ngan tahun lagi tu.. ermm by right.. klu ikut tahun hijrah sekarang iaitu 1432, aku dah berumur 23 tahun.. so boleh tak aku ngada2 nak cakap yang 29 JUNE 2011 ni bersamaan dengan 27 REJAB 1432? bukan nak suh korang sambut pon.. saje nak rase lain la sebab dah tau tarikh lahir dalam tahun hijrah kan.. ^^

p/s: klu nak tau tarikh korg plak.. gi google "hijrah date converter".. haa pe lagi.. gi aa cek.. XD

18 June 2011


I'm happy if you're happy
If you're sad, I can't be sad too
because someone needs to make you happy
so that we can both stay happy

like this. ^_^

p/s: everyday I pray for the better sake of all the love ones around me. stay strong.. you're not alone.

15 June 2011


Haven't done this for awhile, have I? Well since I went out with my family to eat yesterday (at 9pm mind you. no wonder I'm so healthy la kan.. ;p ) and I got to camwhore with my youngest sis husna using my iPod that is. So don't expect a beautiful raw image or anything. coz the lighting were pretty bad.. haha. I didn't edit the image that much. Too freaking lazy to blur or do some noise reduction bla bla bla.. why am I being technical..?? enjoy the pics.. >,<

my sis Nina, Mak, Abah with his crooked glasses and Husna. Ooh and I ordered Mee Prawn Ball(what it says in the menu but its actually just Meehoon Kungfu. LOL)

the start of camwhoring. smile sweetly. but then Husna decides to ruin it.

showing off the lower teeth.. erk. and Husna's pokerface. hahaha..

muka tak puas hati..

erm bajet macam comey.. then husna makes that face.. TROLOLOL.

calming down. trying the blowfish look like so many youngster do.. but not my thing.

calming down while waiting for our food to be served. haa...


14 June 2011


May peace be upon all of you my dear readers.

Asalnya nak type this post in english tapi sebab kasihkan kawan yang lebih memahami sesuatu dalam bahasa ibunda.. jadi aku type kan dalam bahasa. or rojak la sket..

Sebelum ni mcm diri sdri yg memerlukan motivasi sbb mlalui fasa Final Presentation yg cukup xbest. Tapi skrg sbg seorg kwn dan sahabat dan atas dasar kemanusiaan..aku plak nk bg motivasi kat org2 yg aku syg..

Klu org tnye..cmne aku leh nangis kecewa or mrh dan sbg nye tp lps tu cpt je jd ok..? Well first n foremost, if u are a muslim,if u believe in Allah..wouldnt that at least give u hope that u are NOT facing the problem alone?

"sesungguhnya Allah takkan menguji hambaNya dgn ujian dan dugaan yg diluar kemampuannya.."

Aku ni pon mmg bnyk sgt kekurangan and still am trying to be a better muslimah,a better person as a whole. I'm far from perfect. But thats why we have family, friends and someone^_^ to complete each other and make up for other peoples'     imperfectness. 

Why be negative? Why do u keep being negative especially being harsh to urself..?try to forgive urself more and keep moving forward.. U know the journey doesnt end here..this is just the beginning ;)

P/s: kadang2 mmg kita kena reflek perbuatan sndri drp memikirkan ape yg dh org lain buat kat kita. Haa lagi satu, sape yg tgh bersedih or mood rse down sgt..bacelah buku La Tahzan(jgn bersedih) by Dr.Aidh. Insyaallah kurang sket rase2 negative dlm diri. Selamat beramal~


09 June 2011

empat lelaki


ada kang yang jeles tak masal.. LOL.

it's 4MEN la.. tengah layan lagu dari album baru dorang The Artist ni. hehe.. mood sangat sesuai dengan jiwa sekarang. heh. layaann je..

erm.. btw, arini dapat surat PERODUA tu. alamatnye mereka suruh tunggu 6 bulan and kalau masih tak terima jawapan.. anggap je tak berjaya. hurmm.. nak kata sedih sangat takde la.. biase je. tapi tula.. kena berusaha carik lagi dan carik lagi.. wpon tak bape paham apsal banyak betul graphic designer yg company2 luar ni dok cari.. takpe.. usaha tu tanga kejayaan kan?kan?

07 June 2011

Han Dal 한달

So it has been a month. Well I don't usually keep anniversary or such.. only birthdays. but things like this, (I mean about today) I just like to keep it in check. hehe.. Owh sorry to those who's curious as to what I'm posting about. Some of you would know the story, some of you.. I never got the chance to tell and to some others.. I'll guess you better off knowing it late or when the time comes.

I'm referring to : "the flowers are blooming.." ^_^

I know there's always the ups and downs of life but I pray for that hopefully.. we could survive it till the end. InsyaAllah.. ;)

p/s: please be aware by now that I love cryptic messages since its so much fun guessing and finding the answers. *wink2*

01 June 2011


Patience is VIRTUE. I thank Allah for His blessings. and I sincerely feel grateful towards my parents just because they teach me a lot in life. One of them is by not giving me directly what I wished for but instead taught me to work for it to get what I want. It's much sweeter that way, right?

ermm.. to avoid sounding like a brat.. here's what came in today from the US..

I love you Mak and Abah dearest~~ ^_^ <3