29 January 2010


haha.. pepagi sebelum nak gi kelas, ade masa lak nak cite nih. ada apa dengan mimpi? betul ke kalau kita pikir banyak sangat tentang seseorang, kita akan termimpi orang tu?

TAPI.... aku tak terpikir langsung pasal budak beg ijau nih. nape termimpi dia plak? mungkin, mungkin la yang post semalam tu trigger back that certain memory? hurmm.. betul kot. benda tu bawah sedar atau sedap sket nak sebut : sub-consiously. papehal pon. mimpi tu wat aku tersenyum di pagi hari. kekeke.. 

dak beg ijau, walaupon tak saling knal (ade add kat fs tapi mesti dia x prasan. kot.) tapi aku rindu kau. haha. k dah la. nak jenguk FB jap. :D

p/s: oit kawan2, ingat tak aku cite pasal dak beg ijau nih? *wink2*

28 January 2010

sebelum januari abes..

mata dah tak larat nak bukak. tapi masih ade keinginan nak wat post baru. malas aa wat post emo (bukan tanak wat lagi XP). blog ini biru ade sebabnye. tuan empunye blog dulu jenis cepat marah (short-tempered). tetapi sejak mencintai biru dan banyak dengar nasihat insan2 yang disayangi sekalian, maka beliau dah mula pandai bertenang dan mengawal suasana. sungguh poyoiested punye kenyataan bukan? well don't bother :p

pagi tadi masa cuak tunggu nak present, Alin busyuk aka roomateku sayang di b542 tibe2 hantar sms tanya khabar. walaupon kami boleh je amek tau kesah masing2 di blog atau  FB, tapi beliau tetap sms diriku ini. terharu sebentar. ^_^

lalu aku terpikir, zaman dulu-kala time skola hingusan dulu aku selalu bergayut kat pokok.. eh i mean kat tepon dengan kawan. bukan boifren yek. masa tu aku dicop pompuan garang. eh skang pon masih cmtu kot. well hanya pada mereka yang menyakitkan hati. hehe. k sambung balik -> ber-jam2 lak tu. sampai abahku yang setenang laut pon boleh berkocak2 marah. heh. nakal betul dulu. kesah kelakarnye, satu : aku suke call kawan2 lama yang baik dengan aku sampai mereka naik bosan sebab taktau nak cakap ape lagi dah padahal baru 20min. isk. ya kau la orang nye Nadiah S oi.. haha.. tapi takpe. aku tak berdendam. sebab masing2 sayang diri masing2 walaupon tak cakap selalu. ahaks! XP

kedua : yang ni aku pon kurang paham tapi aku slalu call minah nih even tho berkepit je masa kat skola. after kena marah sebab bergayut lame sangat, kami selalu sambung 'borak' via online pulak. tak paham tak paham. haha. snanye sebab kenangan manis plus pahit yang dikongsi bersama. best stalker-year of all times. yeah i'm referring to this particular girl whom i always mention in this blog as "tekah,tekah". Ateeka R, i really2 miss those times. now got no more of it coz of the hectic schedule. *sigh*

Oops.. snanye aku gak rindukan my friends from childhood, middle school, high school and matrix. i sure treasure each and everyone of u. just please, say hi to me if we ever bump on each other kay? jangan segan and buang silu. kay enuff of me crapping. need my sleep. dear bed.. here i come! nite guys~ <3


20 January 2010

remember it or not?

do you know? people tend to remember a bad experience than good ones. even if u try so hard to forget about it, it will remain inside u sub-consciously. anyway, what i'm trying to say is that, i always have the feeling "eh i knew him/her from somewhere","i've heard this before" but really(at that particular time), couldnt replace when and where.

like back then in KMM, i saw this girl and said to myself that she seems really familiar. i thought she looked like someone i had a crush on. till one day, her name with her picture was posted on the notice board(MPP), only then i remembered everything. she was actually a friend from a school i tumpang for PMR. i only knew her for a week and we're not really close but we did exchange phone numbers and address coz she lived in BBB near me. it was kinda refreshing that the thing doesnt bug me anymore. a few weeks before matrix life was over, i got the chance to talk to her. not a long conversation but she remembered me when i mentioned a name she'll surely never forgets. hehe XP

another story is about a song. i hate it when i dont know the name of a song played in a drama or variety show. coz i love a good OST. two days ago, i was youtube-ing BoA's MV(can't remember why tho =,=") when i was hooked up with Everlasting. it was nice but i had the same sensational feeling about the song. then yesterday when i was humming that tune in the car i remembered that it was the very song i wanted to know a long time ago. but never had the chance to. i knew it was BoA but i really couldnt get hold of the name which is quite frustrating. huhu.. anyway, i first heard it in DBSK's short drama. the scene where Micky piggybacked the girl. :D

p/s: yeah i know i have tonnes of work but blogging clears my mind. -payce ^^

13 January 2010


dpt pendrive(ni bkn jenama ke??) Kingston 2GB kaler biru!!

sedih aritu yg 8GB Kingston nye rosak.
macam boleh baiki tapi ntah la.. 

walaupon baru gak beli external 320GB
tp pendrive itu penting. hua3.

dh la nak tdo.
saje update bende karut nih.
esok kul 8pg kne wat field trip.
tuk research project tentang OKU.


03 January 2010

wat keje lain

esok kene present tp hampeh tak wat bende. idea dlm otak je leh harap. =.="

neway td jenguk blog adah, dia ade wat bende nih so nk cube gak. hehe.. truth behold~

Dear Raihan Msjy, below are your PSYCHOLOGY PERSONALITY test result:

Mysterious... oftentimes, a loner. You know your true friends and only them are allowed to understand the real you.

You’re usually expressive... Open about your emotions and most of the time willing to talk about it.

You search for love... you’re a hopeless romantic and every time you enter a relationship, you give your all and believe “this is the One.”

You have so many ideas in mind... You’re creative and aggressive! If you want something, you’ll do anything to get it!

You’re a stubborn sweetheart... You “love” him/her only because he/she loves you. If his/her flame puts out, you let go with no trouble.

You’re intimidating! People have an impression that you’re elite—or if not, you simply look sophisticated. You gain praises but not companions.

You love actions... with the hero-like taste! You focus on your strengths and use them to protect persons/things that are important to you.

- i find the stubborn sweetheart sOo true. haha.. you be your own judge. ;P

02 January 2010


i meant to blog about what happened on the 1st day of 2010 yesterday but the modem was b*tching on me. huhu.. but i got it all fixed now. :D

firstly, i thought it woud be just another boring day. but i got up early all the same and after subuh, didnt feel like sleeping again(i dont know why, but if i sleep a lot, i get fatigue all day long. huhu..). i went downstairs to open all the windows and boil some water. then i just ate cereal by myself since the whole family was still sleeping. around 8am, my parents came down after they shower. when all my siblings were awake, dad decided to go out for breakfast. he said he wanted to eat out at Oldtown White Coffee near our house. well since i've never been there yet(lame.. i know.) i eagerly follow along. dad said the i-dont-know-that-mee's-name, is delicious so i tried that one, with ice lemon tea and garlic bread. my lil bro ordered white coffee hazelnut. it tasted like nuts. duh. XP

when i first tasted that mee, i thought "erk, why do i have the urge to put sambal kicap in it?". it tastes really bland for some reason. but because my dad treated us(me, mak, husna n naufal), i couldnt complain much. then when i ate naufal's prawn, it tastes reaaaally good. then i figured, mine was problematic and the recipe was fine. huhu..

anyway, that's about breakfast. after that we washed the cars, cleaned and mop the porch and spring cleaned the house. phew! it was d*mn tiring if you ask me. we finished all the work by midday and when i opened FB, one of my IND friend who quit the course to be a pilot, visited us. so my friends at the hostel said to join the little reunion. well i couldnt refuse coz we rarely meet her. eventhough i was tired, i just got ready to pick my friends up and go to Mid-u-know-where.

because we're all hungry and the ktm ride was like sardines in tin can, we went to the food court first. while we ate, we catch up on each other. it was fun talking and laughing like that. we barely went shopping anyway coz we chatted a lot. kak sarah bought choc cake(divided between me, izan n zimah) for yana(the future pilot) and erni because their birthday was in december.

wow this one's a long post. sorry for that guys. hehe.. i'll guess i have to stop now. lom smayang zohor lagi. k till then~ adios amigos~