25 September 2013


ia selalu turun naik
tapi pada aku
kenapa macam dah turun?


baru terbaca satu artikel tentang ni
manusia sering risau tentang "hidup"
termasuk la aku..kan
risau tak dapat apa yang nak masa kat dunia
tapi tak risau tentang benda yang aku tak buat untuk
bekalan akhirat tu sendiri.


jauh sudut hati macam nak lari. lari dari semua ni.

tapi kenapa nak lari?

dunia kan satu ujian....

apapun.. kena la pandai balance dua2. bukan berat sebelah..

mohon diberi kekuatan itu ya Rabb.

02 September 2013

oh hai.

Starting next week, I will start my new semester. But the thing is, doing a master degree is a bit weird because you have to be independent on ALMOST everything. Even so, only one course is taken this sem and it's Research Methodology. A compulsory for research student like me. who-whaaat? yeah me. As cliche as it goes. Maybe I'll end up like my dad, being a lecturer and all. Although deep down I want to work for myself meaning that I wish to do business. But since like being a lecturer is the thing that I can relate to right now, so why not have a go at it, right?

owhh another thing is, my main supervisor will be in Dublin for almost 3 months for some workshop or something. I'll miss her I guess . But being far apart, there's always a way of communicating with the person on the other side of the world. So she could keep up with my progress, which I'm not doing much lately because of "other" side work and being busy with stuff that happen recently - friends' getting engaged, married, a party or aqiqah for their child. yeahh.. ok. and raya this year has been hectic starting from the first day of Syawal. We didn't have the chance to do an OpenHouse raya for family and friends just because we keep getting visitors anyway. It's a bit tiring because bibik was in Indonesia up until yesterday, so thank God she came back.

ok putting on all that work can be a bit of an excuse on why I still didn't move a progress for my journal paper. haiyyaa.. maybe because I was so tired and ended up using my free time with resting and sleep and er... ok.. instagramming. pfft. haha.. macam2 la excuse. =.="

what am I doing blogging right now eyh?? need to keep up the pace of typing the words freely without have to refer to something or someone. Need to QUICKLY learn the techniques of writing a good literature review and my thesis that is. ok daa.. that's all folks. later.