29 June 2012

something you need to let out
but frustratingly can't because of an oath..

would it be so clear then to ask opinion of others or just to tame the heart and try to find some answers from within..?

moga Allah beri kekuatan untuk menempuh dugaan ini... HE is All-knowing and knows the best thing of all..even if we see it as very unfortunate.. but as time goes by, it may seem a fortune.. noone knows for sure right? =/

20 June 2012

"If someone corrects you, and you feel offended, then You have an EGO problem." - Br. Nouman Ali Khan
... need to keep reminding myself this. over and over again. I guess I could get hurt but it's much easier to forgave someone than hoping that person to forgive me of my wrongdoings.. Allah is the Most Gracious and Merciful..

08 June 2012

Have you ever..?

apparently I have.. hmm..