28 December 2010

you know what..?

I feel good when my sincere gestures to some people had actually touched their hearts. That's why, even if someone just doesn't like to reply to me or contact me back or whatever, I would just still be positive about it(though sometimes it hurts a bit) because I know someone somewhere out there who still appreciates every little thing that I do(to them). 

nan haengbokhae. ^^

27 December 2010

tag from Qadri

takde gambar atas katil macam Qadri so tengok jela gambar kat tepi ni .huhu..------>

Do you think you're hot ?
- nope. define "hot" for me please.

Your current wallpaper ?
- JayPark's picture with his quote.

Tell about the wallpaper ?
- his quote is about being good to the people around u coz u know they're gonna have ur back. (buat baik pada orang sekeliling sbb suatu masa nanti orang2 tersebut akan menolong kita plak)

The last time you ate pizza ?
- 2 minggu lepas rasenye.. kak odah belanja.. hehe..

The last song you listened to ?
- lagu kat blog ni Yoseob & Daniel(Drama) - First Snow, First Kiss

Besides completing this taggin' thing , i am . . .
- sitting..

Nicknames ?
- rai, ann, e-han, rehan, pooh.(lol.)

Tag 5 people .
silalah buat wahai followers ku. kalau rajin. 


award+tag from adah

1. Ucapan anda

snanye confuse ni ucapan tuk ape snanye? tapi pape pon.. terima kasih kat cik adah aka gf ghaffor my coursemate kerana sudi tag cik rai. lol. ^^ lame gak tak wat bende nih..
2. Berikan 4 ciri girl/boy idaman untuk dijadikan husband/wife

1) beragama
2) menyayangi Allah, Rasul, keluarga dan diriku.
3) loves me for who I am
4) penampilan diri yang menyenangkan. aka sedap mata memandang.. ^^
3. Berikan satu tips untuk kekalkan relationship korang dengan partner korang

taktau nak bagi tips ape kerana diri sendiri pon bukan dalam relationship. harap maaf. ngee..

4. Pernah anda jumpa doa pendekat jodoh dan putus cinta?

doa cari/jumpa jodoh yang baik yela.. 

5. Letakkan 10 link pilihan anda and tell them they have won this award

kebanyakan member yg ade blog skrg sudah memutuskan untuk exterminate blog mereka atas sebab haters yg tak boleh tengok hidup orang lain senang.. or so I've heard.. so TAG n Award ni ditujukan khas kepada para followers ku yang tak ramai mane.. ^_^


25 December 2010

yay for great food!

well not that great but one can say, worth-the-money-you're-paying. haha.

arini nak wat review makanan(kononnye). sebab dengan sedikit kerajinan pada hari ini, akhirnye gambar makanan pada hari2 yang telah berlalu tu akhirnye dah di-transfer. baksu! (clap2!)

Location : Islamic Kitchen, Bdr Baru Bangi (dekat ngan PKNS-Billion tu)
Rating : I don't know how to rate food. either good or not good. hehehe..
Price : preeeeeety pricey if you ask me. go with your family. then it'll be worth the money. ^^

restoran ni masak asian-western food. asian as in thai food, malay food and chinese sket. tapi aku tak brape suke nak cuba masakan baru. tapi air takpe. hehe.. kay kay tengok jela gambar yang tak brape nak high quality ni.. huhu..
air epal plus sprite n vanilla icecream(weird taste but drinkable XP)

this was what I ate. ChickenChop with black pepper sauce.

Dessert! yum2. Caramel yang sedap. atas tu cam gula yang dibakar(?) sort of.

yum3. "it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"(guess who?hehe)

Rojak Sayur. mak punye. sedap gak. ade rase pedas2 macam sambal belacan.

extra pix tuk gelak2. guess who's the victim? ngeheehee..

sebelum merenk
selepas merenk.



gosh my last post was the 200th but I wasted it on something not-so-significant?? haish..

so ape yang nak di-blog-kan? slalu ade benda nak post tapi bile dah bukak laptop and sign in blogger, terus blank. lagi satu kemalasan bile gmbr tak di-transfer ke laptop. lagi kemalasan bile kena layankan je adek2 men tenet. slalu diri sendiri yg bolot. lagi2 kemalasan tu wujud bile aku dah pi layan korean stuff and whatnot. lol.

ok la nak citer.. mak ngan abah baru balik dari India arini. mak seronok la sebab abah dah lame tak bawak fly over the edge. sea. oversea. i mean. pegi atas tujuan keje abah tapi mase yg selebihnye tu gi bwk mak jalan2 kat taj mahal. sian mak bosan mase awal2 sampai India tu (can u believe that I just typed "korea" instead of "India" but deleted right after I realised it? yeah go figure.)

erm lagi ape ek? slalu mcm bnyk benor benda yg nak dibebelkan. tapi untuk taknak merosakkan mood sesetengah orang, jadi sambung lainkali jela.. hehe.. nite2



16 December 2010

ho ho ho XD

No I'm not going to talk/post about christmas spirit. -.-"

It's just that, you guys know it's school hols right? So the thing is, ermm.. should I confess? LOL. kay I watched Disney's movie. is that an "euw" thing? nevermind. I dig 'em as long as the main(actor) are cool although the story might be a lil cliche. heh.

anyway, I only get to watch Starstruck. last week perhaps? well maybe all my peeps out there owns ASTRO and have DC, but sad to say the reality, I don't. have ASTRO I mean. never had one. ^^;;

so as I was saying, those who owns a cable channel, have DC. and as far as I know, they tend to repeat a LOT of their movies huh? anyway, long story short, I kinda like Starstruck. maybe for the fact that the main lead, ehem Sterling Knight has this blue shining eyes, sweet smile and he sings. ^^

then of course, if I like someone, I youtube-d him. haha. so I kinda figured out he's actually a very modest person(similar to Jay hehe..). he's a Piscean(?) just like me. 5th of march. he plays the guitar and he's really down-to-earth. very  rare(well for me) for the hollywood-people-type. plus he's the same age as I am. HAHA.

in case if you guys are just too lazy to look him up, here's a music video of the OST from Starstruck.

p/s: as to this day, I only rant on korean men right? I can list a few I like from the west but maybe not now. peace out~

p/s 2 : Sonny with a Chance is funny! though I only watched 1-2 epi from YT and some hilarious cuts.


10 December 2010


to my moody self yesterday, I fail in calculating. LOL. I thought my result dropped tragically but after my dad checked it today, I still maintained my CGPA. that's a relief.

the results are not official, that's why I need to calculate it by myself. however, I'm still not pleased with my internship. I worked hard y'know?

no matter. I should not be complacent. I should not be complacent. I should not be complacent. I still have one more semester to go...

my dad taught me this word.

09 December 2010


just when i want to get excited and post up pictures and tell you guys stories.. this whole BS just came about. owh result.. WHY oh WHY.

i'm not really surprised if my marks were the act of full bias-ness and whatnot.. but i'm sincerely disgusted and pissed off.

never wonder why there's corruption everywhere.
when it all started from the place you gain knowledge.
just saying.

anyhow. i'm pissed. i think i don't have any mood to face the next semester. our last semester.

feel like screaming random obscenities. but i guess i just need to deal with it and fight for whatever left. -.-"


01 December 2010

감바 감바

so here goes.. sori x bnyk. kat camera cousin yg lain. x amek agi.. huhu.. n most of it edit pki lighting flashlight (PS). slalu malas nak edit2 kan.. tapi bila tengok effect cam lawa je.. so buat jela. exclusive pic as a pengapit pon ade. tapi gambar atas katil xde.. ^.^;;

tapi kalau gambar x lawa or tak jelas.. maaf ye.. huhu..

with MakRos aka mak pengantin aka kakak ayahku

with my cousin payha aka adek pengantin
with the bride aka kakdiah
sebelum majlis akad nikah
selepas akad nikah. amek2 gambar dalam bilik

pengapit laki memang xde. with my other aunts.

berarak menuju ke dewan (sehari selepas akad nikah)