31 December 2011


When u go by it
U really do have amazing results.

Though I cant give in the details..
Lets just say I end my 2011 with something sweet..^_^


P/s: Bvlgari. I didnt know it has a sweet smell..hmm I like it ;)

08 December 2011

Living life

It's the 8th of December now.. How time fly so fast. I pray that I could move ahead of time to become better Muslim and my future goal will not be about dunia but about akhirat as well. Alhamdulillah.. Ever since I broke down pretty bad after my final year presentation, Allah sent me people who could help me along the way to find His blessings. qada' and qadar.. As Muslims, we must believe in it. There's always a reason to everything and of course Allah wouldnt possibly test us with hardships more than we can face it, right?

Humans.. We will forever get hurt if we live to please other peoples' satisfaction but if we live and do everything because of Him, surely the heavy burden we feel at first will slowly disappear because He is the one made us, the Almighty. He doesn't need us, but we surely and desperately need Him. ;)

There's something I read in a book, or somewhere, I can't remember but it says that, if we want Allah to hear our doa and make our dreams come true but in reality we couldn't pray(solat) early, zikir and read the Quran to get closer to Him, then how do we expect Him to grant our wish, right?

I hope to stop complaining about every other little things and start to feel grateful and live humbly, do more good deeds, forget about other people's bad deed and forgive people more. As long as we know we're doing the right thing accordingly to the Quran and sunnah, whatever other people have to say is irrelevant.

Innassolati, wanussuki, wamahyayaa, wamamaati, lillahi robbil 'alamin.