22 February 2012


Naah.. I'm not trying to talk about Independent Day here. Just trying to blog this about working and when you were a student. I mean.. when I was a student. I'm most likely to stick in my comfort zone when I was a student. well you know, sticking with the same friends through ups and down. Em its definitely not the same when you're working. Unless you're stuck with the same people everyday and need to talk to them the whole time.

hurmm..I guess it wouldn't feel so bad if I can just say Hi to random strangers. that's just me. I can only offer a smile and nothing more. well unless the other person seems to be friendly or not looked intimidating to me, then I guess there's no excuse for me to be sombong, aight?

yang penting husnudzhon Raihan. dengan semua orang. walaupun muka dia macam penyangak sekalipun. huhu..

13 February 2012


"..fastabiqul khairat.." (2:148)

..so hasten towards all that is good..

an ukhti(sister) taught me a lesson on striving to do all the good deeds lillahita'ala. for example like doing the sunah prayers, fasting, giving to the poor and many others. she said, "why didn't we grab the chance to do the good deeds, when somebody else told us about all the great benefits of doing it?do we feel pressured because it is a forced action and want to instil ikhlas in our ibadah?then force yourself to do it and pray to Allah to instil that ikhlas within you. because HE holds the heart of every mankind..and as a servant, we must obey to HIM and only HIM."

needless to say, insyaAllah I'll strive harder to do it little by little, istiqamah with my actions.

Jom berlari mendapatkan keredhaanNya, daripada masih berdiri mengharap redha manusia.. ^_^

may Allah bless you brothers and sisters.

03 February 2012

a change.

some changes need adjusting. I just have to adapt with my new surroundings.

p/s: gaya camni ade hati nak gi blaja luar negara..? adoiyai aku ni ponn.. xpe. terus menabahkan diri. insyaAllah ada sisi positifnye....