15 October 2011


Alhamdulillah.. I can see positive changes from the people around me. Many have come to their "senses" whether or not it was because of me or someone else. The fact that Allah moved their hearts is what matter most. Time is near.. As much as I am afraid right now..all I can do is to turn to Him. Be with Allah and He will be with you. He was never far from us. We avoided Him because of our sins but know that He is All-knowing and Forgiving.

07 October 2011

IWishYouHere. Seriously.

What I'd do to have you here...

I wish you were here.

What I'd do to have you near...

I wish you were here."

Men need their spaces to love again. They go into their cave when they have problems.
Women needs attention and care when they're upset. They are like waves, having ups and downs.
It's not the mens' fault. It's just part of being a women.
We don't necessarily becomes moody or upset during PMS, it just happens.
We just need the support, care and attention when we're in this state. If we were asked to feel differently, then that's when it turns cold.

Men have their own cycle. Same goes to women in general.

p/s: akibat baca Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray. baru baca separuh. hurmmmm...