21 March 2011

(the title for today is..)

Is it because of stress? Is it because of my eating habits? Is it because of me that I seem to be getting sick every now and then. Well the usual sinus, then this fever, cough and cold and the recent one.. an upset tummy..? Seriously. I thought I was food poisoned yesterday, but I didn't throw up. It's just that my poor tummy is playing with the on and off melody of pain plus the backache and the weird high and low body temperature. *sigh*

I really need some focus but I'm like getting blurry by the day.. I don't want it to turn into something negative. BTW, about my trip to Kedah, it was not all that fun because of some negative auras some people exudes. They just really have to kill the mood off don't they.. hurmm.. I'm trying to be positive with them, but we don't really match well. after all that had happened in the past. double hurmm....

To cap it all off, the entire trip seems wasted at some point coz it relives some bitterness that should have been buried, waste of money since we could actually save the second night at the homestay with sleeping in the bus and heading back home. Saturday was a waste really.... then I just had to have this upset tummy the whole Sunday. what luck.

p/s: I'm only making memories with a few people. This just validised(?) the fact that we can't satisfy ALL the people in this world. =/

13 March 2011


haha.. I didn't make a post on my birthday so I wanted to share this post with L (not that character in Deathnote) but with a member of INFINITE. I'm still waiting for their autographed album but I guess maybe it'll come next week (plus a HUUUUGE poster too ^^). it will definitely be 대박 if it comes on the day of their new single release this coming Thursday.. the side note is.. I'm not going to be at home to receive it since I'll be away in Kedah for the last trip of the month. (I hope)

so before I feast you guys with some L-oving, let's see some of mine first. btw, ThankYou all for the birthday wishes and please don't feel bad about not wishing me on my birthday since a thought of me on any day would be enough. 'cause I feel kinda sad if people I know seem to forget about my existence. just saying ^^;;

RaspberryCheese Cake.. yum2.. tahun depan nak suruh orang tu tulih in korean. hehe..
dari Mama Linda. tenkiu~ tengok dah letak tali kat heart tu ^^
dari kak Sarah. tenkiu gak~ ni ade 2 keping. satu huruf R n satu lagi tulih RAI

erk.. untuk pengetahuan awam.. aku tak penah pakai gaya shawl cmtu kat luar ok. so jangan terkejut beruk lak tengok gambar di atas. mungkin on special occasion baru la nak pakai camtu.. hehe.. ok dah dah.. nak layan gambar L lak.. tapi malas nak upload banyak2.. tengok yang mane kiut or macho abes.. XD

aaawww.. L with Dongwoo
PEACE y'all~
should have this face of paying attention in class LOL
credit pics as tagged. kfans sure take a whole bunch of HQ pics with the right expression and angle. but the media..? hurmm.. no. neway, that's that.. need to get ready and send my sis back to her hostel in Ampang. (and /bricks self for not doing much on my final project for today =.=)