31 May 2010

prOof of boredom at LI

actual proof of boredom coz i left my bunch of video goodies(in my external drive) back home.. havent edit pics like mad ages ago. adding text and cropping aint count as photoshop-ing! lol.


30 May 2010


here's actually a pic where junhyungie is wearing the bag.. THE BAG. lol. coz i dont want to upload random model wearing it so it's better if it was him. kekeke..

see? it's actually big right? gambar yang di upload aritu nampak cam beg tangan perempuan tapi saiz sebenar.. agak besar la..  ^_^

29 May 2010

Updates on L.I

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 여러분 안녕~ ^^ [yeo-reo-bun an-nyeong : hi guys~]

I realized that I've been lacking in keeping updates about my internship or LI. Yana however keeps updating about it everyday. haha. sorry bout that. (not that anyone is complaining right? XD )

I don't really want to go in details because I might let slip something that's not supposed to be ermm.. talked about. Our boss had even said about "let the company business be our business. outsiders doesn't need to know it". well something along those lines.

but to sum it all up, it's pretty decent to me. I've worked before but this is somewhat refreshing in a sense. when there's work, we work hard. but when there's none, we play hard. hahaha.. as long as the work is finish, it's ok to do something else. however, we always keep a lookout for our boss. we can't just play right in front of him right? hehe..

anyway, this is our 4th week. so hurray for us! we still survive.. owh the lecturers have yet to come and visit. not that we're expecting so much. LOL. even the reports, have yet again to be signed by our boss. he's too busy. but it's great that he treated us from time to time and brief talked to us about the business world. 감사합니다 사장님~ [kamsa-ham-nida sa-jang-nim : thank you boss~] ^_^

hari sabtu kami kene datang keje. semalam tak cuti macam orang lain. maybe sebab bisnes nih mmg camtu kan.. ha kak nanie yang keje kat tempat nih bagi ktorg rase coklat buatan dia. test dlu sebab kalau suke leh tempah. thanx kak nanie~ sedap la coklat tu~ ti bole aa tempah buat hadiah tuk member2 or kerabat diraja eh i mean.. kaum kerabat ku.. keke..

- aku nye yang de bentuk kipas and syaz nye yang heart tu. 
- yang ros tu ade caramel and its really delicious! slalunye aku x bape suke ade bende tu. but this one was just nice. hehe
- yang kipas tu lak ade kismis. ermm kegemaranku bukanlah kismis tapi the chocolate itself is pretty good.
- yang heart tu xtau isi nye ape. kene tanye syaz. XP


26 May 2010


i want to know the d*mn price for the Eastpak x Raf Simons Hobo Shoulder bag!!!! ^%#(*&^@

why are they only showing me images and useless words?? aigoo.... =.="

 *junhyung have the white/cream version. i love blue. so i like this one! but i googled for the price but to no avail. should i send 'em an email for it?? haish...


23 May 2010

Spirit UP!

semalam dapat chat ngan tekah(I noticed that u tend to type our names in a skema form. lol) so nak cakap.. mood bertambah baik. hehehe ^^

tadi lak gi tengok satu video zaman matrik. daebak! haha..  missed those precious golden moments. it was hella funny. keje gila yang menyebabkan orang lain tengok pon cam terkejut beruk. hahaha.. hp ifah memang dah berjasa.... ^_________^

yup. biarkan saje mereka, mereka dan mereka. mulut nak mengata orang memang x payah pakai otak. walaupon aku x kacau pon idop dorg, tapi dorg merasekan perlu tuk berkata2 tentang diriku.. owh well.. haters are my confused admirers. organisms are like that anyway.

wingardium leviosa!~

09 May 2010

Mak's Day

Glad she likes the gift I bought her. hehe..

Momma U know I love U~
(Boyz2Men ke yg nyanyi..?)

^_^ Happy Mothers' Day